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`Aina refers to land and natural resources, but also means "that which feeds us". In ancient times the kula zone of the ahupua`a was the area for growing food, and also for living.

The Waipa Foundation has been creating and restoring wetland and dryland farming areas, for kalo and other food crops and to learn and teach, and share, cultural and life skills...which include growing your own food, and eating your veggies!

Waipa's lo’i is a 2 acre area that is farmed by staff, volunteers and program participants, as a learning site and for kalo production through experimenting with more organic and sustainable approaches. These 2 acres are part of about 7 or 8 acres of lo'i cultivated by Waipa and two other mahi'ai kalo and their ohana, utilizing the same water system as our ancestors have for hundreds of years.

The Waipa Garden is an outdoor learning area harboring many established native and canoe plants which serve for demonstration and seed source for propagation and outplanting. Waipa also maintains indoor and outdoor nursery areas where we propagate our own seedlings for outplanting in the gardens and reforestation sites throughout the ahupua`a. Several vegetable gardens grow vegetables and fruits that we eat today. Food from these gardens is often prepared and consumed within programs, and sold at farmers market and to community. Techniques are "beyond organic" and moving toward sustainable...

Lessons, experiments, and work at all of these sites are incorporated into Waipa's programs for schools, visiting groups, and community.

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