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Halulu Fishpond Restoration Project

Maintaining a healty muliwai-or estuary- is important because that is the area where the salt water mixes with the fresh, and the pua- or baby fish-gather and grow.

The Waipa Foundation, along with it's funders and partners, has recently restored 1 acre of the 7 acre Halulu fishpond-a loko pu'uone-restored it's connection to Waioli Stream, and establish native plants along it's banks. This expanded the Wai'oli stream estuary area by one acre, adding more safe, healthy, nutrient rich habitat for the pua to thrive. We hope that this results in increased fish population in the pond, stream and Hanalei Bay, so that our keiki will continue to eat fish for generations to come. This area also functions as a learning site, where classes and groups come to learn about the importance of the muliwai and kahakai areas of the ahupua'a.

The work in the coastal zone of Waipa is ongoing, as we continue to expand and manage native plantings in the area, maintain the clearing work which has been done, and decrease the size and coverage of invasive plant communities. We also try to work on decreasing the Tilapia community in our pond, by catching and eating them, or using them for fertilizer for the gardens. Since we have connected the pond to Wai'oli stream, we have observed an increase in size and type of native fish populations in the pond, and a decrease in tilapia.

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