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Have you met Keanolani Hale yet?
Waipa is excited to share our new multipurpose building, Keanolani Hale, which offers indoor meeting and learning space.

Learning sites within the ahupua'a are also available for community activities and functions, including camping.

Call our office, 826.9969, for information
on allowable use, availability and costs.

Coming soon!
Waipa Foundation is buiding the Waipa Community Kitchen, Hale Imu and Poi Mill, a regional food hub in support of the localization of our food system.

You can toggle on the thumbnails below to see a rendering of the new facilities and some of our food related activities.

These new certified facilities will...

Support culturally rooted economic opportunities for farmers, clubs and organizations, small businesses, and families.

Perpetuate our local lifestyle while strengthening community through food traditions - teaching, making, sharing and gathering.

Encourage small scale farming by providing value added processing to increase economic viability and resiliency.

Inspire youth entrepreneurial spirit through training, events and programs focused on local food and farming.

We have raised the funds needed for construction, but still expect significant start-up costs.
Can you help? You can donate here. Mahalo!

Doors open in 2015! Potential users can email us at!

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