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Poi Day in Transition

We are currently unable to accommodate new volunteers or visitors at Poi Day. Groups and individuals who have come to poi day in the past can inquire with us at 826.9969. We will take this message down when we are able to host new volunteers again. Mahalo nui loa for your continued patience and support!

“Poi Day”
happens every Thursday morning when the community comes together to process cooked kalo into poi. Poi Day was started about 30 years ago by the Hawaiian families along Kauai’s north shore to keep poi available and affordable. Today, we distribute poi to kupuna and 'ohana throughout the island.

Poi making starts at 5am and is usually done by noon, when lunch is served. Working from 5am is not required, but the earlier you arrive, the more respect you will earn from Waipa kupuna!

Please call 826.9969 with questions. Note that Poi Day is not a photo op, it is work.

What to wear: Volunteers must have shirts and footwear. Long hair must be tied back. Wear casual clothes that can get sticky from kalo and maybe a bit wet. We are working with food, so cleanliness is very important. Please no perfume or lotions.

We are not working in the lo`i (kalo fields), so you will not get muddy.

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