Grow Local, Eat Local, Buy Local

Did you know Hawai'i imports almost all of its food?

At Waipa, we believe our lives are greatly improved
when we have more options to grow, eat and buy local.
We host programs and training to help learners of all ages to connect with the land.
Our weekly poi distribution, weekly farmer market, and seasonal festivals
offer opportunities to buy directly from farmers and small food vendors.

Produce Local

There could be MORE locally grown food available to the community,
if farmers and others had easier access to certified facilities
to process crops and make other local food items.

Waipa built Laukupu, our new Kitchen to support local farmers and food vendors,
AND enable more food related festivals, workshops, trainings, and education programs for youth at Waipa.

Call our office, 826.9969 or email for rental inquiries!