Bringing Home the Greens!

Posted by Lea

Our Waipa afterschool program keiki are experiencing farm-to-table first hand this year. A major component of our after school program is gardening. Each keiki (or 'ohana) has their own garden plot and has been working hard each week to prep, plant, maintain, and harvest an abundance of veggies. Some of the veggies they have been growing and taking home are: kale, lettuce, beets, carrots, cabbage, cilantro, string beans, and green onions.

We are thrilled with the excitement and enthusiasm the keiki show in taking responsibility for their own garden plots, and the sense of pride they feel in being able to provide their 'ohana with fresh veggies each week. There is definitely a huge difference in how much effort they put into the garden, when it is their own.  Not to mention, the tendencies they have to actually eat and enjoy veggies when they grow them themselves.

These keiki are also learning the invaluable lesson that you get back what you put in, as those who take the extra time to weed and malama their garden, end up with the healthiest, most vibrant and abundant produce.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with these keiki and do and share the things we love and believe in. A big shout out to Hau'oli Mau Loa foundation for providing us with the funding and opportunity to work with these amazing keiki.

Pictured, top to bottom.

Jayda, Mahea, Helena and Kaena planting their lettuce; Jaden, Kama, Keale and Gracie walking back from the garden with their goods; washing veggies after our first harvest; sisters Helena and Kaena with their weekly bag of greens to take home.


Entry posted on 03/09/2015


Pua Lehua Spring Forth in the Waipa Garden

Posted by Lea

the unfurling of a new beginning,

a new cycle...

In spending time over the past few weeks in the Waipa Native Garden with the keiki during our weekly afterschool program, we have been watching the pua lehua unfurl from tiny buds to beautiful blossoms.

The cherished pua lehua provides a good reminder that new beginnings and new cycles are always possible and, in fact, a necessity of all life.

Spring is finally here and new growth and new beginnings/blessings are flourishing all around us!. 

We’re just so happy and blessed to bear witness to it all!

Pictured on left: Waipa 'ohi'a lehua

Entry posted on 04/04/2014


Waipa's Homework Club Back for Winter Session

Posted by Lea

Well, its that time again- the keiki are back at Waipa twice a week for our after-school Homework Club's winter session. We pick the keiki up from school and bring them to Waipa, where they do various outdoor activities and games, eat snacks, do their homework, have a session of instructional reading, and then go swimming (if weather permits).

We try to find healthy snacks which the keiki will eat and enjoy. We are also trying to be more sustainable with our snacks by trying to grow more and use what we have.

This photo shows a recent day when we served only food grown at Waipa for the Homework Club snack (except for the ketchup). We had kale salad, 'uala fries, fried banana, boiled peanuts, and corn-on-the-cob. We eat a LOT of kale salad at Waipa. Other food we grow and serve often include lilikoi-banana smoothies, string beans, kalo pa'a, poi, soybeans, mamaki tea, and carrots.

Mahalo to Aunty Kari, our garden manager, and to Joseph, our agricultural consultant, for keeping the food in the ground so that we are able to feed our keiki such healthy snacks!

Farm to Table!

Entry posted on 01/18/2012


Clearing invasive weeds at Makaihuwa'a

Posted by Lea

While preparing for full moon camping up at Makaihuwa'a (one of the ridges outlining the Waipa ahupua'a), two members of the Waipa 'ohana were recently caught on camera while clearing invasive weeds.

But who is the mystery weed whacker with Lea?

HINT:  The shorter one is Lea ;)  and don't let the size of the mystery weed whacker's weed whacker fool you.

Visit and leave us a comment with your guess. Hurry! The first person to correctly identify this mystery weed whacker will win a Waipa t-shirt!

Only guesses submitted via facebook count.  We will acknowledge the winner here and on Facebook.  Good luck!

UPDATE:  It took only a few hours for one of our akamai 'ohana on Facebook to identify our garden manager, Kari.  Lea flexed her photo editing skills by blending 2 different photo's taken that day.

Entry posted on 10/30/2011


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