Winter Reflection

Posted by Stacy

As we approach the end of 2014, we celebrate, with gratitude, the amazing natural beauty of this `aina of Waipa, of Kaua`i o Manokalanipo, of Hawai`i nei.  The opportunity to malama this place, to work and learn, teach and share, and deepen our connections with `aina and community is a true gift, as are those beautiful, crisp, clear and cool winter days here on Kaua`i?s north shore.

Friday, December 19th was one of those days.  It was the last day of school before Christmas Break, and a perfect day for a field trip!  Mr. Chris Skabo brought his 4th graders from Kilauea School on a visit to Waipa, as they had been studying the ahupua`a.    After preparing for a big hike, and looking at a model of the Waipa ahupua`a, we set off on a walk past the lo`i, a young koa forest, and an exciting-and cool-stream crossing. 

After a really steep climb, we reached Makaihuwa`a ridge, the site where our ancestors used torches to guide fishermen in their canoes back to shore after dark. After taking in the view, and discussing the mo`olelo of Makaihuwa`a, it was a quick hike down for lunch and then back to school. 

While the rain helps to keep everything green and growing, we love those beautiful, sunny, cool, surf-filled winter days. 

Happy New Year everybody!



Entry posted on 12/31/2014


Hana Hou...Laulima Kakou

Posted by Johanna

Summer always means a lot of laulima (many hands working together) at Waipa and this summer has probably seen more hands working than ever before.

Waipa’s ‘ohana (family) is an amazing community of unique and supportive kupuna, volunteers, families, youth and others who are not only from Kaua‘i, but really from all over the world.  All so different and yet all choosing to aloha ‘aina (show love for the land) at Waipa. 

In addition to hosting organized groups for service learning, Waipa also began hosting community workdays again earlier this year.  About 50 folks showed up at our most recent workday in July, making it the best attended workday yet!  We at Waipa are so grateful that so many folks understand how a healthier and more sustainable ahupua'a is good for all the life it supports, including us!

Mahalo to all of you who come to Waipa to share in the work.  Our next volunteer opportunity (besides poi day of course), will be on Sunday, August 17th when we host our second annual Music and Mango Festival.

You can click on the links in the above paragraph for more info or call us if you prefer, 826.9969.  A hui hou, hope to see you at Waipa soon!


Entry posted on 08/03/2014


Ahhh... Summertime

Posted by Waipa

Summertime at Waipa means lots of keiki exploring, learning and helping all around the ahupua'a.  In fact, our program's name, Ma Uka a i Kai, means from the mountain areas to the ocean.  Through various activities, our kumu try to help keiki better understand how all those areas are connected to each other, and to us!

On a beautiful June day, some of the keiki worked with their kumu, Anake Chelsey, to pull out 324 invasive water hyacinths from Waipa’s Halulu Fishpond which they then took to the mala‘ai (garden).

“We learned to malama 'aina by taking the water hyacinths out of the loko i‘a (fishpond) then using them to help fertilize a garden that provides us with food.”

  ~Anake Chelsey

Entry posted on 06/27/2014


Pua Lehua Spring Forth in the Waipa Garden

Posted by Lea

the unfurling of a new beginning,

a new cycle...

In spending time over the past few weeks in the Waipa Native Garden with the keiki during our weekly afterschool program, we have been watching the pua lehua unfurl from tiny buds to beautiful blossoms.

The cherished pua lehua provides a good reminder that new beginnings and new cycles are always possible and, in fact, a necessity of all life.

Spring is finally here and new growth and new beginnings/blessings are flourishing all around us!. 

We’re just so happy and blessed to bear witness to it all!

Pictured on left: Waipa 'ohi'a lehua

Entry posted on 04/04/2014


Spring Arrives in the Ahupua'a

Posted by Waipa

Rainy season seemed to be especially rainy this year, with the cloud cover remaining almost constant over Waipa through January and February.  But seemingly over night, blue skies have returned and the colors of the ahupua'a seem especially vibrant!

Entry posted on 03/14/2014


Mele kalikimaka a hau`oli makahiki hou!

Posted by Stacy

NOTE:  Mahalo to Lea for the beautiful pics!

With the holiday season upon us and the new calendar year in sight, we take a moment to look back upon 2013.  Waipa had an epic year once again:  Welcoming the use of a new building-for both our programs and community gatherings and raising nearly $800,000 to almost complete our $1.7 million capital campaign for the kitchen.  We continued to run our regular programs with lifelong learners from near and far and co-created a homeschool program at Waipa.  We kept the gardens and kalo growing-feeding everyone kale-and through our weekly poi days we estimate having made about 50,000 pounds of poi this year.  Farmers markets continued to happen every week and our two festivals-Music and Mango in August and Kalo in December, were well attended and so much fun! 

Yes, our staff members are amazing, but it takes a community, and Waipa could not have accomplished all of this without our dedicated force of volunteers who help to lead our organization as board members, make and deliver poi, implement our festivals, cook food, play music, teach kids, and so much more.  We mahalo all of you, and look forward to many more good times together in this new year.

And to all of you individuals out there who have donated to support Waipa, our programs and our kitchen this year, as well as our partners and the many foundations whose funding, support, and tireless work makes our programs happen and are helping to bring our kitchen to fruition…mahalo, mahalo, mahalo to you too!

As the solstice has passed and we welcome longer days and more sunlight, we look forward to continuing to build and nurture a healthy and vibrant community-at Waipa and beyond-living and sharing our culture and taking care of our `aina.  We anticipate continuing our regular programs and activities as well as being open to new partnerships, experiences and opportunities for positive growth.

It all sounds so busy-and it is-but we want to remind everyone that within our busy lives we can take the time to spend with kupuna, and the keiki, go for a surf, or watch the sunset.  Remember sometimes to forget about the past and the future, and just be present in the very moment you’re in, to really savor the people and experiences that come our way, and make our lives so rich. 

Mele kalikimaka a hau`oli makahiki hou!

Entry posted on 12/23/2013


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