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The historic bridges around Waipa are undergoing major repairs and replacement to reinforce them so that heavy equipment needed to repair the damage to the highway in Wainiha can pass.  The result is significant construction traffic, and increasing the challenge of getting to Waipa for staff and volunteers. 

Since the April floods the access to Waipa has been limited to local traffic only, causing the closure of the Tuesday farmers market, our food tours and farm dinner.  Programming for summer, schools and visiting groups has continued on a limited basis, and is expected to be limited even more due to the bridge construction, over the next 3-6 months. 

Waipa's team has has been able to continue Thursday Poi Day, every week without any shut down due to the flood, and plans to focus on keeping it going.  Farmers need to sell their kalo, people need to eat, and we are still welcoming volunteers! 

The gardens at Waipa continue to thrive, and since the shut down of the Tuesday Farmers Market, produce grown at Waipa is available in a fridge in the poi garage, to who all who can get there, and payment is by honor system...just take what you want and leave your payment in the lockbox.

In September, Waipa Foundation’s board of directors authorized a general funds campaign of $150,000 to recover revenue and keep Waipa operational, of which $20,000 has already been raised.  If you are feeling abundant, now is a good time to give generously to help Waipa survive during this time of reduced activity, and emerge in 6 months ready to rock and roll. 

Nui ka mahalo!!

Entry posted on 11/27/2018


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