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2 ways to taste the local flavors at Waipa!

***no tour or market until highway past Hanalei reopens***

Waipa Tuesday Market 2 - 4 pm. FREE

Delicious prepared food, artisans, real farmers and Waipa products too!More info

Pili Au, a local food & farm tour

Tuesdays 11a-2p $75/person

Stroll through Waipa's gardens, learning about Hawaiian culture and foods grown in Hawaii today. Enjoy a cooking demonstration (and generous tasting) of some of our favorite farm to table dishes. Afterward, find featured ingredients and meet farmers at our market.

What does Pili Au mean?

Pili Au means to embrace the changing times.
Waipa is a native Hawaiian organization focused on sharing our culture and values
as we explore how to be more sustainable in our modern world.
This tour features foods introduced to Hawaii and grown here today.

Tasting Menu

Waipa Tea (herbal blend)
Kale Salad
Stir Fried Kalo & Wing Beans
Farm Fresh Summer Rolls
Banana Lumpia w/coconut glaze
*lumpia is a fried wrap dessert
download recipes

To make a reservation, fill out form or call us at 808.346.5752.

What is Waipa?
Waipa's expansive valley, stewardship projects, food production, indoor & outdoor learning spaces as well as a working farm, all in the 1,600 acre ahupua'a of Waipa.

Waipa helps to connect folks with the
(that which feeds us-land & resources) sharing local values and lifestyle through laulima (many hands working together).