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In addition to welcoming groups from all over Hawai'i and beyond, Waipa serves the communities of Kaua'i's Halele'a District. One of our core goals is to empower and support north shore residents, especially those who are native Hawaiian or low income.

We do this through developing infrastructure and managing the ahupua'a as a community space for learning and cultural practice. Our after-school, summer and enrichment programs for keiki focus on culture, food, education, and leadership.

In all that we do, we hope to foster a strong connection with, and love for, the 'aina (land and resources), at Waipa and everywhere else too.

You can find out more about our current activities through our blog or on our events page.

Waipa hosts a farmers market which makes fresh, local produce and food available to community and visitors. We also grow, make and distribute produce (grown at Waipa) and poi to community and ohana.

Waipa offers community facilities such as Keanolani Hale (our new multipurpose building), which is an indoor meeting / learning space. There are also learning sites throughout the ahupua'a. We are building a certified community kitchen and poi mill which will be open to the public in 2015.

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