About Us

About Us


Waipā is an ahupua`a where the land, resources, and people are healthy, vibrant, and overflowing with abundance.


Waipā Foundation’s mission is to restore Waipā’s vibrant natural systems and resources and inspire healthy, thriving communities connected to their resources.


To practice balanced stewardship of Waipā’s natural resources, maximizing health and productivity, and moving toward sustainability. Waipā is a living learning center that teaches, shares, and inspires Hawaiian values and ahupua`a practices; Builds passion, skills, competency in related areas of knowledge; and takes care of its people & communities.


Kūlia i ka Nu`u

Strive for Excellence

Kūlia i ka Pono

Strive to do the Right Thing

Aloha `āina

Love the Land and Resources

Hiki Nō

Resourcefulness and a “Can-Do” Attitude


These are the hardworking and motivated folks who, along with our regular volunteers, keep Waipā beautiful, productive and accomplishing our mission on a daily basis. Most of our team have multiple kuleana so you may see names listed more than once below. In addition to their specific titles/kuleana nearly all of our team also support poi day and the planning and implementation of Waipāʻs programs.

Executive Director

Stacy M. Sproat

Admin & Development

Faith Blalock

Kaui Fu

Olivia Ruff

Emmaleah Stauber

Lea Weldon


Bobbi Akana

Nicole Lucia

Nick Ploeger

Programs & `Āina

Sara Agoot

Faith Blalock

Kirstie Daly

Keala Davis

Kaui Fu

Rick Ham Young

JoAnne Kaona

Kalia Kunioka-Volz

Kaipo Like

Lokelani Mahuiki

Marjorie Milbrand

Kelsey Rogers (KUPU)

Matt Rosener

Olivia Ruff

Kari Shozuya

Stacy Sproat

Emmaleah Stauber

Lea Weldon

Chris Zauner


Waipāʻs board is comprised of a group of visionary, positive and committed community leaders who volunteer their time.

The board meets quarterly and is the primary governing body overseeing Waipāʻs direction and activities.

Dennis Chun  President

Wallace RezentesJr. President

Presley Wann  Vice President

Līhau Hannahs Paik  Secretary

Michelle Swartman  Treasurer

Donna Aana-Nakahara  Director

Michael A. Dahilig  Director

Gayla Spencer  Director

Lillian Watari  Director

Līhau Hannahs Paik  Director

Presley Wann  Director


Waipā welcomes groups and classes of lifelong learners from all over Hawai’i and beyond, in addition to serving the communities of Kaua’i’s north shore.

Our core target community includes families with multigenerational ties to Kaua`iʻs north shore (Kīlauea to Ke`e) as well as Native Hawaiians and at-risk keiki, `ōpio and `ohana from this area. Every year, our programs serve over a hundred children and youth from this community through programs after school, on weekends, intersession breaks, and during the summer.

These programs focus on cultivating our next generation of community leaders by focusing on enrichment, community building and skills development. The programs also provide continuous opportunities for children and youth to develop a deep connection to place, while learning, practicing and living cultural skills and values from preschool age through post high. Internship opportunities for youth 14 and up introduce work skills and values and provide job opportunities close to home. Although recruiting for these programs generally happens in March/April, those who fit this criteria are encouraged to contact us anytime.

The ahupuaʻa of Waipā is a space for community gatherings, learning and cultural practice.

In all that we do, we hope to foster a strong connection with, and love for, the `āina (land and resources), at Waipā and everywhere else too. Ultimately, Waipā’s community includes each and every helping hand, of all ages, who contribute to the work.

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