Waipā‘s Homework Club Back for Winter

Well, its that time again- the keiki are back at Waipā twice a week for our after-school Homework Club’s winter session. We pick the keiki up from school and bring them to Waipā, where they do various outdoor activities and games, eat snacks, do their homework, have a session of instructional reading, and then go swimming (if weather permits).

We try to find healthy snacks which the keiki will eat and enjoy. We are also trying to be more sustainable with our snacks by trying to grow more and use what we have.

This photo shows a recent day when we served only food grown at Waipā for the Homework Club snack (except for the ketchup). We had kale salad, ‘uala fries, fried banana, boiled peanuts, and corn-on-the-cob. We eat a LOT of kale salad at Waipā. Other food we grow and serve often include lilikoi-banana smoothies, string beans, kalo pa’a, poi, soybeans, mamaki tea, and carrots.

Mahalo to Aunty Kari, our garden manager, and to Joseph, our agricultural consultant, for keeping the food in the ground so that we are able to feed our keiki such healthy snacks!

Farm to Table!

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