Waipā Christmas Tree Sale!

Buy a local Christmas tree this year and enjoy knowing your purchase will help Waipa continue to serve the keiki and `ohana in our communities! We are so grateful to share that like last year, Susie Pond has chosen to donate all proceeds from sales of her Kilauea farm’s Christmas Trees to Waipa Foundation.

Susie and her husband planted a couple acres of Norfolk Pines on their Kilauea farm 27 years ago. They named the christmas tree farm, Pond’s Pines, and have been cutting and selling trees for over 20 years, as well as donating to churches such as Christ Memorial in Kilauea. Many friends -such as Barbara and Scott Robeson- as well as returning visitors, come to get a tree every year, and much of the tree-cutting visit is spent catching up and talking story.

The trees re-grow from the stump, with each stump growing two, three or more trees. If the re-growth is not cut the trees will grow to 80 feet or taller, becoming unmanageable. More recently, Susie’s husband passed away, and while the farm is relatively low maintenance most of the year, harvesting and selling the trees became too much of a task for Susie to handle alone. So last year, she teamed up with the folks at Waipa, who voluntarily help with harvesting, and trimming trees, and with sales. Last year, some of Waipa’s more creative staff made beautiful wreaths for sale as well. All of the proceeds from the sales go to support Waipa’s operations and programming.

Norfolk pines make beautiful Christmas trees, and for the trees whose branches are too widely spaced, Susie has a special technique of wiring two trees together to make them appear to be one thick, beautiful tree.

Waipa and Susie will be cutting trees at Pond’s Pines on Kuawa Road in Kilauea (the road to Common Ground, the old Guava Kai), on Saturday, December 8th between 10am and 4pm. From 10-noon, those who have pre-ordered a tree in advance can come and choose their tree and take it home. Unreserved trees will be available for sale from 12pm to 4pm.

Trees under 8 feet will be $35, and larger trees will be individually priced. Pond’s Pines has a limited number of trees, so Waipa will accept pre-paid advance ordered until December 8th.

To place a pre-paid reservation, you can message us on facebook, call our office at 826-9969, or email us. We will display a beautiful Pond’s Pines tree, and hopefully wreaths too, at Kalo Festival and accept orders then too.

Wreaths will also be available on Saturday, December 8th.

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